#RelationshipGoals With Your Realtor


It is very important to build a positive relationship with the Realtor you choose to work with. What exactly does that look like?

Allow an open line of communication. Let your Realtor know what forms of communication you like to use (text, phone, email) in the beginning. This will allow them to not only get in contact with you the fastest but also ensure that you both receive important information as soon as possible. If something is not going as you think it should, call your Realtor and let them know so they can resolve it before it gets out of hand. Open communication keeps things running smoothly on both the client and professional side.

Tell them what you really think……about everything. Be honest. This doesn’t mean you have to let them know that they are wearing last years fad or their perfume is a little to strong. However, you should definitely let them know how you feel about homes you visit, neighborhoods they suggest, or any other option they give you. It helps the Realtor narrow down what you really want, builds a more honest relationship, and frees up time to show you things you really like.

Build trust. Tell your Realtor before you go cruising around to open houses alone. Don’t ask them to show you a house more than one time if you know you are never going to make an offer on it. Get pre-approved so they know you are a serious buyer.  Tell them if another Realtor tries to persuade you to re-list your home with them. Tell them if someone stops by and wants to see your home. Do the things they ask of you and it will all pay off tenfold in the end. It is your realtors fiduciary duty to see that your best interest are upheld but trust takes the legality and makes it a personal agenda to see that you are taken care of beyond expectations.

Sign an agreement to work exclusively with one Realtor. Why? Without a contract that exclusively allows one Realtor to work with you then you will just receive the basic Realtor duties. If you sign the agreement, the Realtor is legally bound to be your advocate, your negotiator, your adviser, and keep all personal information with confidence. They owe you their obedience, loyalty, disclosure, accounting, and reasonable skill and care.


All in all, just as in life, treat your Realtor with the care and respect you would want to be treated with. They are professionals and they do have a business to run. They cannot allot their time, resources, knowledge, and care for free. The more the Realtor knows about you the more they can help you…..and the more they will.

Now off you go to find the right realtor for your needs with these few things in mind.

#HappyHunting #RealtionshipGoals #WithYourRealtor



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